School Reopening Update 8-12-20

Superintendent Newton’s Weekly School Reopening Update

August 12, 2020

Earlier today, we sent out a bus survey link for those parents who have children attending school at the K-8 building and also riding a route bus. These survey results will help make a final determination whether or not we will relocate our bus loading and unloading zones.  I mentioned in my July 22nd update that in order to allow our route buses to continue to operate at full capacity, any student or staff member who rides a school bus will be required to wear a face covering. Any parent who doesn’t want their child to wear a face covering while on the school bus will need to bring them to school themselves. If the survey results indicate that parents are choosing to not have their children ride the route bus, we will be moving our bus loading and unloading zone to the south side of the K-8 building near the single lane exit. Students would load or unload at that location and then our buses would take the single lane exit out onto Willow Street. This would allow us to turn our current bus loop into a second parent loop. The students who walk to school would use the exit gate over by the cell tower that exits onto Willow to keep them away from the bus traffic A final decision regarding our bus loading and unloading zones will be sent out early next week via SwiftK12 Alert.

Attached to this update is a document from the Wyoming Department of Health that helps answer the question, “What to expect if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19”.

Many of our teachers participated today in a classroom camera training. This training was an introduction into how the new classroom cameras can best be used as part of the Classroom Based Virtual Education option mentioned in previous weekly updates. All teachers will receive more training with these cameras on August 21st and 25th.

Governor Gordon extended the current health orders today through the month of August. He did change the maximum number of people allowed to gather outside from 250 to 1000. This will be helpful for our outside school activities such as football and cross country.

I am very excited to say that we are only two weeks away from reopening all of our schools in Uinta 4! Once we do reopen on August 26, 2020, our goal is to do everything we can to remain open. All building offices are now open. Please contact your child’s building principal if you have any building specific questions or concerns about school reopening. Teachers will return on August 20th for training and instructional preparation. This school year will certainly have unique challenges but, as we have proven time and again, we can overcome anything by working together to do what’s best for our kids!