9-6-21 Quarantine and Isolation Update

Uinta 4 Quarantine and Isolation Update Week 1

Good evening,

The purpose of this correspondence is to provide an update regarding quarantines and isolations in Uinta 4 after the first three days of school.

In general, we are beginning to experience the same challenges that most other school districts that started school one week earlier than us have experienced, an ever increasing number of quarantines and isolations. Specifically, we have six (6) students at Mountain View High School (2 positives), twenty-one (21) students at Mountain View Middle School (3 positives) and forty-seven (47) students in our K-5 school (6 positives) who have been quarantined or isolated. This includes two entire Kindergarten classes that had to be quarantined over this Labor Day weekend.

These quarantines and isolations are the product of the protocols from the Wyoming Department of Health that are currently in place. The Wyoming Department of Health will continue to require that individuals who have COVID-19 or who have been exposed to COVID-19 remain out of school either in isolation or in quarantine. Individuals who are fully vaccinated or who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the prior three months and are exposed will not need to quarantine. If both the person with COVID-19 and the person who is exposed are wearing masks, then the person exposed does not need to quarantine. Therefore, if only one or neither of the parties are wearing a mask, then quarantine or isolation will be required for both.

It is now more important than ever before for staff members and students to remain home when showing symptoms or feeling sick. The district will continue to focus on high-level cleaning and disinfection of our facilities. If any of these protocols from the Wyoming Department of Health change, parents and staff members will be notified of those changes and how they impact students and staff in Uinta 4.  

The teamwork and resiliency of our community will be tested significantly throughout this entire school year. Let’s continue to work together to accomplish what we all know is best for our kids. We need to keep our schools open and allow our kids to continue to experience in school learning and activities.  


Jeff Newton