School Reopening Update 8-19-20

Superintendent Newton’s Weekly School Reopening Update

August 19, 2020

Based on our bus survey results, we will be creating a second parent loop by moving our bus loading and unloading zone to the south side of the K-8 building near the single lane exit. Students will load or unload at that location and then our buses will take the single lane exit out onto Willow Street. The students who walk to school will use the exit gate over by the cell tower that exits onto Willow to keep them away from the bus traffic

Speaking of surveys, attached to this post are the results from the reopening surveys that we sent out in July. Thanks again to those parents and staff members who took the survey. Your input was valuable as we made plans to reopen our schools.

Only one week until students return to school! Thank you for your patience and support as we worked throughout the summer to get our schools reopened. We look forward to working together to do what it takes to keep them open!