9-8-21 Quarantine Update

Quarantine Update and Voluntary Mask Initiative Information

Parents and Staff Members:

The high number of quarantines and positive COVID tests within Uinta 4 during these first five days of school have us searching for solutions. Our goals are to keep kids in school and to keep our schools open. As a reference, we currently have one-hundred (100) students removed from school due to either a quarantine or isolation. Last year after the first five days of school, we had zero. Our school nurses are amazing, but they need some help. 

I would like to propose a voluntary mask initiative with a goal of having 80% of our students and staff members wearing masks by next Monday. The logic behind this is simple:

If more students and staff members are wearing masks, then the likelihood that an individual who tests positive is wearing a mask increases greatly. This then significantly reduces the number of quarantines that need to be issued simply because more masks were being worn. This would make the likelihood of your child being quarantined due to a positive from within our schools highly unlikely. Please contact Nurse Chris or Nurse Dallas if you have any questions.

Please consider having your child participate in this voluntary mask initiative beginning tomorrow with a goal of having 80% of our staff members and students wearing masks by Monday, September 13th.  We hope that this will help slow things down until this surge that we are currently experiencing subsides. Together we can meet this challenge!


Jeff Newton